Member Spotlight

Delaware Bar Foundation

Delaware Bar FoundationThe July Member Spotlight shines on the Delaware Bar Foundation.

Their Mission: 

The Delaware Bar Foundation’s mission is to improve the administration of justice in Delaware by: 

  • Providing funding for legal services for the poor
  • Promoting study and research in the field of law
  • Fostering knowledge of citizenship rights and responsibilities
  • Enhancing public respect for the rule of law

About the Organization:

The Delaware Bar Foundation was incorporated in 1981 and works tirelessly to promote access to justice in Delaware. They receive both IOLTA and non-IOLTA funding which helps support the two sides of their operations. The IOLTA funds support legal services to the indigent in Delaware, a program which is administered by the Foundation and governed by the Delaware Supreme Court. Any contributions that are made outside of the IOLTA program go towards funding all aspects of their mission. Since 1983, the Foundation has granted over $34 million for legal services to Delaware’s neediest residents.

Along with their IOLTA funding, the Delaware Bar Foundation recently partnered with bar leaders to reinvigorate their state’s law-related education organization and are excited to partner and collaborate with them in the future.They also renewed a job shadowing program with a local school in an under-served area to introduce high school students to the variety of jobs available in law offices. Fifteen local students visited ten law offices – from civil legal aid and the office of defense services to large and small law firms, students learned about jobs in legal administration as well the path to law school and being an attorney. They are excited to collaborate further next year.

Grants and Charitable Activities:

The Delaware Bar Foundation gives back to the community in several different ways. First off, they offer various community grants that aim to serve their mission. Below are several of the partnerships and programs that they supported through these scholarships in 2022. 

  • Delaware Volunteer Legal Services
  • La Esperanza
  • Community Legal Aid Society 
  • Camp Barnes
  • Delaware Center for Justice

You can read more about specifically what these scholarships supported in 2022, as well as the past programs that have been supported here.

Along with the Community Scholarships that are supported by the Delaware Bar Foundation, the Foundation also supports Criminal Expungements through their two partners, the Delaware Center for Justice and Partners for Justice. These partnerships help fund expungement applications for those unable to cover application expenses. 

Staff and Leadership:

The Delaware Bar Foundation leadership team consists of 12 Board of Directors and 1 Executive Director. You can see their whole leadership team here. 

You can follow the Delaware Bar Foundation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can also keep up to date with the Delaware Bar Foundation by reading or subscribing to their magazine, the Delaware Lawyer, here.