NCBF Excellence Award



Bob Glaves, 2023 NCBF Excellence Awardee

Executive Director, Chicago Bar Foundation
NCBF, Past President (2005-2007)
As Of 2023 Serves On The Illinois Judicial Conference
Former Chair of the Board of Directors for the Donors Forum (n/k/a Forefront)

Bob Glaves, a luminary in the legal world, has left an indelible mark on the field of law-related philanthropy. With an unwavering commitment to justice and a passion for making the legal system more equitable, Bob has demonstrated exceptional leadership throughout his distinguished career.

Bob's journey with the NCBF (National Conference of Bar Foundations) exemplifies his dedication to the cause. Even after serving as president, he continued to actively contribute, offering his wealth of knowledge and expertise to support various projects and mentor board members. His enduring commitment to NCBF has made him an invaluable resource and an inspirational figure for those he has worked with.

Since assuming the role of Executive Director of The Chicago Bar Foundation in 1999, Bob has been at the forefront of transformative change. He has orchestrated an impressive tenfold increase in annual grants and fundraising, catalyzing groundbreaking access to justice initiatives. Bob's visionary leadership has brought Chicago's legal community together, driving meaningful progress.

A Multifaceted Leader

Bob Glaves's influence extends far beyond his role as Executive Director. He serves on the Illinois Judicial Conference, chaired the Board of Directors for the Donors Forum (now known as Forefront), and presided over the National Conference of Bar Foundations. His active involvement in various nonprofit, court, and bar initiatives underscores his commitment to civic engagement and positive change.

Bob's insights and wisdom are not confined to boardrooms and courtrooms alone. He shares his perspectives through the insightful "Bobservations" blog for the CBF, and his expertise has been featured in Crain's Chicago Business. His ability to communicate complex issues with clarity and precision makes him a sought-after thought leader.

Chicago Skyline - NCBF Excellence Award

A Proven Scholar and Advocate

Bob Glaves earned his law degree with magna cum laude honors from The John Marshall Law School in 1991. His academic prowess was complemented by a B.A. in Political Science and Journalism from the University of Wisconsin in 1987. Throughout his illustrious career, Bob has been recognized and commended for his unwavering dedication and contributions to the legal community.

In conclusion, Bob Glaves is not merely a leader; he is a visionary whose work has redefined law-related philanthropy. His dedication, tireless efforts, and transformative impact make him a standout candidate for the NCBF Excellence Award. Bob Glaves is not just the face of this award; he is the embodiment of its spirit.

It is with pride that the National Conference of Bar Foundations awards Bob Glaves the NCBF Excellence Award.