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The NCBF Membership Benefits webinar was held on January 26 with more than a Zoom screen full of bar foundation volunteer leaders and professional staff in attendance. The free webinar is the first one this year with more being planned by the NCBF Program Committee.

Short presentations on NCBF programs and services were made by Program Committee Chairperson and Board Member Lori Keating (Ohio) and by President Tom Tinder (West Virginia) with additional input from President-elect Dan Burns (New Haven, CT), Immediate Past President Jim Huggler (Smith Co., TX) and Board Member Sharra Wagner (Kansas City, MO). Throughout the informal discussion format of the webinar, participants asked questions and made comments about NCBF’s activities and plans, including one demographic item that is contained in the following section of the Foundation Forum.

It was agreed that the most popular and positive aspect of NCBF membership is the daily opportunities to network and interact with bar foundation colleagues of every size located across the country—and in the Virgin Islands! NCBF’s listserv capability enables all members to receive guidance and advice from other NCBF members on any question or problem at no cost.

NCBF will use this Foundation Forum email newsletter as our listserv. The first listserv request is at the end of this Foundation Forum.

The Membership Benefits webinar was a great success. Regretfully, technical difficulties prevented the webinar from being recorded. If you have any questions, please contact President Tom Tinder—


During the NCBF Membership Benefits webinar, Stacy King (Federal Bar Foundation) asked an excellent question regarding NCBF governance. The NCBF Board of Directors consists of both volunteer lawyer leaders and professional staff persons with a tradition of having the President position alternate between members of those two groups.

Stacy’s question was how many NCBF members are volunteer leaders and how many are professional staff? Jenny Dorsten, our NCBF administrative manager, reports that 11% are volunteer leaders and 89% are professional staff. Additionally, at the present time, the NCBF Board of Directors consists of eleven members with four (36%) being volunteer leaders and seven (64%) being professional staff.


In an earlier Foundation Forum, it was announced that the Chicago Bar Foundation was presented with the 2021 President’s Award for its outstanding service and operation of the 2021 NCBF Annual Meeting that was held at the superb Chicago Bar Foundation Offices in July 2021.

The special Award commemorative plaque was sent to the bar foundation with a request for a photo of Chicago Bar Foundation Executive Director Bob Glaves and his outstanding staff members. Covid pandemic guidelines delayed the opportunity to have all staff members in the office at the same time, until recently. Bob holds the President’s Award, surrounded by his masked staff members, in the accompanying photo.

NCBF highly commends the Chicago Bar Foundation and its staff members for hosting an extremely successful 2021 NCBF Annual Meeting!

Chicago Bar Foundation


The January NCBF Member Spotlight shines on the New Jersey State Bar Foundation. Founded in 1958, NJSBF has been dedicated to carrying out the charitable and educational endeavors of the organized bar, specifically the New Jersey State Bar Association. In 1988, the Foundation made a concentrated effort to expand its public education efforts. Today, the Foundation stands as a model for law-related education organizations across the country. Believing that “informed citizens are better citizens,” the Foundation strives to educate everyone in New Jersey, from students to senior citizens, about their rights and responsibilities under the law.

Read more…

New Jersey State Bar Foundation


NCBF is seeking nominees for full-term (3-year) directors on the NCBF Board of Directors, for the term beginning August 2022. Interested, and work with a foundation in good standing? Send a statement of interest and a brief biography to by February 28.

NCBF Nominations


Immediate Past President Jim Huggler (Smith Co., TX) has assumed the important responsibility of reviewing several boxloads of NCBF documents and materials from years gone by and transferring the necessary and important papers into an electronic format. Then, the appropriate items will be placed on the NCBF website——for review and utilization. Jim is the official NCBF Archivist!

For an historic perspective, Jim lists the following as the 36 original “charter” bar foundations of NCBF:

Alabama, Arkansas, Beverly Hills, San Diego County, Colorado, Florida, Idaho Law Foundation, Chicago, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Erie County, Foundation of the Monroe County Bar, Onondaga County Bar Foundation, Ohio, Akron Bar Association Foundation, The Charitable and Educational Fund of the Bar Association of Greater Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Oregon, The Lawyer’s Fund of Allegheny County, Tennessee, Texas, Dallas, Virginia, American Bar Foundation, Foundation of the Federal Bar Association, The Research Foundation of the Bar Association of the District of Columbia, and North Carolina.


Lorrie Albert (Allegheny Co., PA) makes the following request:

Copies of RFP (Request For Proposal) that any NCBF members put together to get website design quotes. Please send directly to Lorrie at


August 4-6, 2022 – NCBF Annual Meeting-Kansas City, MO!

NCBF 2022 Annual Meeting

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