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NCBF July 2022 Newsletter


In no particular order, here are the Top Reasons for you to attend the NCBF Annual Meeting August 4-6, in Kansas City, Missouri:

•  It is an “inflation proof” Annual Meeting. The onsite registration fee is $250, and the online registration fee is $50, which are the exact same fees as last year’s NCBF Annual Meeting.

• The Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Foundation is hosting the Annual Meeting at its spacious offices in the downtown area and invites all onsite attendees to a welcoming reception on Thursday, August 4, from 5:30 to 7:00 PM at its office at 2300 Main Street.

• Featured Speaker on “Equity and Access to Justice – Moving from a Dream to a Reality,” Sharon Ivy, Director of Equity and Inclusion, Stinson LLP.

• Federal Judges Panel on civics education, importance of representation on the bench, the judiciary, and the rule of law, including:
Hon. Teresa James, District of Kansas
Hon. Shaniek Maynard, Southern District of Florida
Hon. Michael Newman, Southern District of Ohio
Hon. Beth Phillips, Western District of Missouri.

• The always exciting group dinner at County Road Ice House BBQ & Bar.

• Lunch with Speaker Mayor Quinton Lucas of Kansas City, Missouri.

• By popular demand, “Bar Foundations and Bar Associations Relationships” session with:
Bob Glaves, Executive Director, Chicago Bar Foundation
Velda Hofacker, Immediate Past President, Ohio State Bar Foundation
Lori Keating, Executive Director, Ohio State Bar Foundation.

• NCBF award presentations, including the NCBF-LexisNexis Partnership for Success Award and NCBF Excellence Award, and the NCBF member networking session with sharing of programs, ideas, activities, and services.

And the No. 1 reason for you to attend the NCBF Annual Meeting August 4-6, in Kansas City, Missouri, is the Banana! (You must be onsite or online to understand.)

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NCBF Annual Meeting 2022 Kansas City Missouri


NCBF Annual Meeting 2022

NCBF Annual Meeting 2022

On June 28, the largest number of NCBF members so far participated in the sixth webinar on the high priority topic of “Bar Foundations and Bar Associations Relationships.” With 32 persons registered, approximately one half of all NCBF members wanted to receive input and insight as to this relationship that impacts the legal profession and the justice system.

Excellent remarks were made by three outstanding speakers who shared their experiences and their expertise. They were Bob Glaves, Executive Director, Chicago Bar Foundation; Velda Hofacker, Immediate Past President, Ohio State Bar Foundation; and Lori Keating, Executive Director, Ohio State Bar Foundation. Their unique and different perspectives engendered many questions and comments from the attendees.

After the allotted time period of one hour, there was so much interest and so many comments that it was decided to continue the session as a part of the networking portion of the NCBF Annual Meeting, which is set for August 4-6, at the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Foundation offices. Onsite and online registration for the Annual Meeting is available now at

View a Recording of the Webinar Here


On June 30 and July 1, all NCBF members were personally contacted and asked for their guidance and comments about their NCBF membership. The majority of telephone calls went to the members’ voice-mail message systems, but numerous members took the time to share their personal thoughts. Each voice mail message was immediately followed by a personal email request which generated several response emails. (Incidentally, current NCBF Board of Directors members were not contacted at this time because they had already given their input at the beginning of this fiscal year as part of the strategic planning process.)

Each NCBF member was asked just three questions:
What is the best aspect of your NCBF membership?
What should NCBF do to better serve you and your bar foundation?
Any other comments?
Here are just a few of the beneficial responses that were received in person or by email reponse:

Best aspect:
Learning new ideas
Being able to reach out
Information Sharing
Access to a community of foundations
Connections made with colleagues
Access to members information on the website

Better serve:
Better utilization of Member Connect
Coordination with National Association of IOLTA Programs (NAIP)
Do not conflict with ABA Annual Meeting
In-person programming in desirable location that is affordably accessible
Publicize and continue to build the resource library
Feature innovative work and approaches used by other bar foundations
Materials or programming on how to grow a foundation and the proper relationships between boards of an association and foundation
Directory of members
NCBF annual report
Continue Zoom webinars

Other comments:
Personal stories on website regarding NCBF members
Consider doing educational videos
Update documents library

All the input received will be reviewed and considered by the NCBF Board of Directors during its upcoming meeting on August 4, at the beginning of the Annual Meeting in Kansas City, Missouri. These positive comments and constructive criticism comments will be utilized in the strategic planning process to set the necessary goals and objectives for the organization.

If you haven’t responded yet, please respond to the three questions listed at the beginning of this article and send them to NCBF President Tom Tinder at or call his cell phone, 304-444-0181. Do it by July 25 — he’d love to hear from you!


The July NCBF Member Spotlight shines on the Arkansas Bar Foundation, its scholarships and charitable activities, Foundation Sustaining Fellows, and leadership and staff.

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Arkansas Bar Foundation

Arkansas Bar Foundation

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