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The NCBF Board of Directors has been personally contacting bar foundations across the country to secure their NCBF membership renewals for the current fiscal year. There are less than ten members who have not yet renewed with the final contacts to be made in the next few days.

As Board members have communicated with these members, the comments have been ones of appreciation for the reminders. Whether it was because of the crush of a major event, misplacement of the dues notice, or waiting for the normal payment process—each response has been an expression of appreciation for the proactive contact by an NCBF Board member.

During its December quarterly meeting, the Board will make plans to recruit bar foundations in the nine states that currently do not have an NCBF member, as well as pursue the goal of 100 total members.

Thank YOU for continuing your NCBF membership!

Congratulations to the NCBF Board members for their good work!

Below is an article with photos from NCBF Board of Directors member Hinda Carbon (Virgin Islands) recounting her recent trip back to her birthplace.

“Some of you may not know this. Although I have lived and worked in the U.S. Virgin Islands, I was born on the island of Dominica, West Indies (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic). Dominica is a small Caribbean island smacked between two French countries, Guadeloupe and Martinique. These two countries are overseas regions of France. When I was fourteen or fifteen years of age, my mum relocated to the Virgin Islands.

My recent trip to Dominica was as refreshing as the many rivers, tall waterfalls, and lush rainforests that I am proud of. It is said that Dominica, in and of itself, is a huge rainforest. Lol. Dominica is known to be the Nature Island of the Caribbean. Dominica is pegged for its eco-tourism. White sand lovers will be disappointed to find black sand on Dominica’s beaches; black sand is due to the country’s volcanic nature.

I must say though, that there is a small white sand beach and it’s very bubbly in nature and thus its name – Champagne beach. I enjoyed my time at that beach.

Spending time with family and old schoolmates was priceless.

I wanted to share a couple of interesting things and photos with you.

Hinda Carbon

First, my husband Troy decided not to pay for a guide to hike the River. “We don’t need a guide – we’ll be alright,” he said. Well, we got lost. Lost to the point that I started to cry. Literally. (He too, became frightened and nervous). The rivers have very big boulders and they all looked the same and the further we went up and down the river, the more difficult it became to figure out where we were and how to get off the river. See the photo of me with the fresh bamboo stick.

Hinda Carbon Donates Books

Hinda Carbon Donates Books



Second, I did a book drive in the Virgin Islands (Rebook Dominica) and I took boxes of donated books to one of the schools in the village where I grew up.”




During the past few years and increasing during the ongoing virus pandemic, there have been major changes involving the American Bar Association, its Division of Bar Services, and the three leading national bar organizations—the National Conference of Bar Presidents, the National Association of Bar Executives and the National Conference of Bar Foundations.

For a variety of reasons, budget tightening by the ABA caused staffing restrictions that impacted the three entities with NCBF being informed that the ABA’s Division could no longer provide staff assistance. The NCBF Board acted quickly to contract with an association management company, Impact AMC, which is now in its second year of our working relationship. Other actions are being considered by NCBP and NABE.

NCBP, NABE, and NCBF have had a mutually beneficial partnership for several decades. There would always be an excellent joint meeting of the three groups during the ABA’s Annual Meeting and the Mid-Year Meeting. The pandemic has caused the virtuality of the ABA meetings and the cancellation of other meetings. NCBF’s 2021 Annual Meeting was the first one to combine in-person and virtual attendance opportunities.

In order to continue the important interaction among the three groups, there have been quarterly Zoom meetings for the past five quarters. The top Officers have exchanged information, plans, and activities, with each group explaining that it has gone to some sort of webinar presentations on pertinent topics. NCBF coordinated these Zoom meetings under the guidance of Immediate Past President Jim Huggler (Smith Co., TX). The next meeting is set for the first week of December.

The NCBF Board of Directors is planning to hold the 2022 Annual Meeting during the normal time period of late July/early August. It is anticipated that the event will be available for both in-person and virtual participation, based upon the outstanding success of the 2021 Annual Meeting held at the end of July at the Chicago Bar Foundation.

The Board of Directors has agreed that the 2022 event will be held at a bar foundation facility because of the extraordinary support, assistance, and guidance that was provided by Chicago Bar Foundation Executive Director Bob Glaves and his talented staff members. The Annual Meeting Committee is chaired by President-elect Dan Burns (New Haven Co., CT). It will be requesting expressions of interest from any NCBF member bar foundation which wishes to host the 2022 Annual Meeting.


NCBF Calling

Just a little forewarning—don’t be surprised to be personally contacted by NCBF to get your input on all things NCBF.

Five minutes of your time and your responses will enable NCBF to provide the services and activities to ensure the continued success of your bar foundation and all bar foundations.

Hello, this is NCBF contacting you!





Two of the top benefits of being an NCBF member are networking opportunities and “Members Only” information. These are excellent examples of what you can expect of your NCBF membership.

More than 50 bar foundations have already renewed their annual NCBF membership. There is no increase or change in the membership dues amounts.

Renew your NCBF membership dues today!


Bar Foundation Careers

Job openings at bar foundations are listed here as a complimentary benefit for NCBF members. Bar foundations wishing to include a posting should send information to

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