Member Spotlight

New Jersey State Bar Foundation

New Jersey State Bar Foundation

The January NCBF Member Spotlight shines on the New Jersey State Bar Foundation. Founded in 1958, NJSBF has been dedicated to carrying out the charitable and educational endeavors of the organized bar, specifically the New Jersey State Bar Association. In 1988, the Foundation made a concentrated effort to expand its public education efforts. Today, the Foundation stands as a model for law-related education organizations across the country. Believing that “informed citizens are better citizens,” the Foundation strives to educate everyone in New Jersey, from students to senior citizens, about their rights and responsibilities under the law.

Their Mission

The Foundation’s mission is to:

  • Foster an increased awareness, appreciation and knowledge of law and the legal system among New Jersey residents.
  • Serve as the statewide resource for law-related education for the public.
  • Provide opportunities for lawyers to serve the public through the Foundation’s programs.
  • Foster professionalism and pride in the profession of law through public service.

New Jersey State Bar Foundation Conflict Resolution

School-Based Programs

To create a positive school climate, schools need to address social emotional learning from different perspectives. The New Jersey State Bar Foundation provides comprehensive programming that support New Jersey schools in establishing: 1. Strong conflict resolution and peer mediation programs. 2. Active school climate teams and solid anti-bullying policies. 3. Relevant social and emotional learning and anti-bias programming suitable for differing school populations.

Programs that the NJSBF host include Violence Prevention/Anti-Bias Programs, District & In-School Virtual Workshops, Mock Trials, and Speakers Bureaus.

Medal of Honor Award

New Jersey State Bar Foundation Medal Of Honor Award

The Medal of Honor Award is presented annually to lawyers and law-related professionals, as well as lay people who have made significant contributions to the advancement or improvement of the justice system or the betterment of the legal profession in New Jersey. Nominees are characterized by professional excellence and service to the profession and the community. Award recipients and the link to submit nominations can be found here.

Staff and Leadership

The New Jersey State Bar Foundation is managed by five dedicated staff members and governed by five officers and twenty-one trustees

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