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NCBF October & November 2023 Newsletter

Nov 17, 2023

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Written by Tom Tinder

During the extremely successful 2023 NCBF Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh at the end of September, the last session was the always popular “Sharing Successes and Challenges” program.

The NCBF volunteer leaders members and the professional staff members look forward to this networking opportunity to learn from one another about worthwhile programs, events, and activities, as well as, challenges that have been met or are being considered. It is guaranteed that every participating member will get a new or fresh approach to a problem area and/or a beneficial idea, concept, or adaptation to improve their bar foundation’s philanthropic mission.

2022-2023 NCBF President Dan Burns

2022-2023 NCBF President Dan Burns

In Pittsburgh at the superb offices of the Allegheny County Bar Foundation and Bar Association, the NCBF Annual Meeting Planning Committee set four sessions on four pertinent topics facilitated by four highly regarded past and present NCBF Board members:

  • Hosting Fundraising Events-Jessie Reeves (Illinois Bar Foundation)
  • Social Media/PR-Sharra Wagner (Formerly Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Foundation)
  • Advocacy-Bob Glaves (Chicago Bar Foundation)
  • Racial Equity/Diversity & Inclusion-Lori Keating (Ohio State Bar Foundation)

Past President Leslie Barineau & 2023 NCBF Excellence Award Winner Bob Glaves

Past President Leslie Barineau & 2023 NCBF Excellence Award Winner Bob Glaves

The highlights from each of the sessions are as follows:

Hosting Fundraising Events:

  • The challenge is managing expenses while making it memorable.
  • Inviting people outside the legal profession.
  • Geographic diversity and bringing events to new areas.
  • Dog friendly.
  • Storytelling with speakers for greater impact.

Social Media/PR:

  • Grantee/Volunteer Spotlight
  • Newsletter-Subscribe button on website (District of Columbia)
  • My Why-Podcast-Studio at the Bar (Cleveland)
  • Twitter a problem. Support?
  • Canva program allows one to create graphics in different formats, and make edits to beautiful existing templates. Charitable organizations can apply for a free account. The requirements are listed here:


  • Access to justice is apolitical.
  • State funding for Modest Means program (New Mexico)
  • Strategic separation from broader bar association advocacy.
  • Dispute Resolution and Expungement programs.

Racial Equity/Diversity & Inclusion:

  • “Conscious Inclusion” commitment.
  • LSAT and law school scholarships.
  • Training for staff.
  • Internship programs-College and Law School-Increasing diversity.
  • Committee by Committee discussion as to what DEI means. What can we do?

2022-2023 NCBF Board of Directors

2022-2023 NCBF Board of Directors


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