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Oklahoma Bar Foundation

OBF Board of Trustees and staff celebrates $15 Million in grants awarded to law-related non-profits, court improvements and law-school scholarships.

The Oklahoma Bar Foundation (OBF) is celebrating $15 Million in grants awarded to fund services by law-related non-profits, court improvements and scholarships to Oklahoma law students.  Since its inception in 1946, the OBF’s goal has been to provide and perform law-related charitable services and good works throughout Oklahoma. In 2019, the OBF Board of Trustees celebrates this great milestone and the foresight of its founders.

“Our founders would be proud of where the OBF is today and the many people impacted by our grants and awards,” says Oklahoma Bar Foundation Board President Jennifer Castillo.  “Our foundation has experienced immense growth over the past 4 years, so this was a great time to pause for a moment and celebrate how far we have come.”

In recent years, the OBF has instituted big changes in its development, communications and grants and awards processes.   The number of grant applications has increased over the years, and in 2016, the Grants and Awards Committee recommended grants for 23 non-profits who provide legal services, law-related education and improvements to the administration of justice in Oklahoma.  This was the largest number of grantees in OBF history and the growth did not stop there. In 2017, the OBF opened a third grant cycle after receiving funds earmarked for mortgage foreclosure defense and community redevelopment. In early 2018, the OBF awarded $1.36 Million in grants to 17 non-profits, most of whom were first-time OBF grant recipients. The growing number of applications and grants awarded led to the implementation of new grant management software and revisions to current applications and grantee reports.

Aside from funding non-profits, the OBF also funds courtroom improvements and law school scholarships. The Court Grant program is unique and allows for District and Appellate Courts to apply for grants to purchase courtroom technology that helps improve the administration of justice. The OBF has awarded 54 of the 77 counties in Oklahoma with grants for technological equipment such as audio/visual devices, court reporting equipment and interactive smart boards. Also, OBF Scholarships and Awards are given annually to deserving law students attending Oklahoma City University School of Law, University of Oklahoma College of Law and University of Tulsa College of Law.

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