Member Spotlight

Pima County Bar Foundation

Pima County Bar Foundation

The April Member Spotlight shines on the Pima County Bar Foundation.

Their Mission:

The Pima County Bar Foundation seeks to enhance access to justice, reward innovation in legal services and educational outreach, promote the highest ideals of professionalism and public service, and support the community endeavors of the Pima County Bar Association.

About the Organization:

The Pima County Bar Foundation was established in July of 2016 with the focus that legal services should be available to everyone and that the foundation can help make this happen by supporting the community endeavors of the Pima County Bar Association, as well as their own program initiatives. The foundation seeks to serve the Southern Arizona community in four ways:

  1. Promoting access to justice and legal assistance through the funding and provision of legal services to the indigent, lower income and other underserved members of society
  2. Supporting and providing educational outreach to the public
  3. Promoting the highest ideals of professionalism, public service, and access to the legal system
  4. Providing support to charitable community endeavors identified by the Foundation in collaboration with the Pima County Bar Association

Their programs and services can be grouped into three main focus categories:

  1. Provide Legal Services, Resources, & Education
  2. Promote Attorney Professionalism & Public Service
  3. Participate in Other Charitable Endeavors with the Pima County Bar Association

You can read more about what the PCBF does here.

The Pima County Bar Foundation also offers several different yearly awards to honor and recognize the work of their members. For example, they offer the Juan Perez-Medrano “Excellence in Public Service” Award, which is given to recognize an outstanding legal professional, who has made extraordinary and exemplary contributions to the Pima legal community. You can read more about this award and the various others that are given out here.

Grants and Charitable Activities:

The Pima County Bar Foundation offers a variety of programs and clinics to support community members with legal assistance and services. Since October 2018, the foundation has been working with the Arizona Superior Court in Pima County to provide an afternoon of free family law legal help each week to the public. Another program they offer to community members is their Annual Law Day “Meet-A-Lawyer” Legal Clinic. This clinic offers free, legal, one-on-one assistance to community members. The attorney’s in attendance offer their expertise in a variety of legal topics. You can read more about the aforementioned programs as well as the various others offered here.

Along with their programs, the Pima County Bar Foundation also puts on several charitable events in which all proceeds benefit the work of the foundation. Their main event is the Annual Skyline Affair event, which serves as the main fundraiser for the foundation. It is at this event where the winner of the Juan Perez-Medrano Excellence in Public Service Award winner is recognized and honored. You can read more about the Skyline Affair event and the other events put on by PCBF here.

Skyline Affair Event image

Skyline Affair Event

Pictured above are various Juan Perez-Medrano award winners throughout the years at the Skyline Affair event.

Staff and Leadership:

The Pima County Bar Foundation Leadership Team consists of a Board of Trustees that has 12 members. You can view their whole Leadership Team here.

While the Pima County Bar Foundation does not have social media you can follow the Pima County Bar Association on Facebook and LinkedIn.